Mogador Argan Oil : Quality

Mogador strives to offer its customers only the best. We do this by observing strict quality, hygiene and safety requirements for the production of our argan oil.

Our efforts have been recognized by major international organizations such as DLG in Germany, AVPA in Paris, ITQI in Brussels, Monde Selection Quality in Brussels and Venice, and The Guild of Fine Food in England. All have awarded the high-quality organic argan oil from Mogador as top quality.

Different flavors, and multiple uses

We offer you the premium organic argan oil from the Argavital® brand in two different versions.

The classic argan oil is cold-pressed from lightly roasted argan seeds. It is mainly used in cooking and has a slight nutty flavor.

We also have argan oil made from unroasted argan seeds (triple quality), natural and also cold-pressed. This can be used in the kitchen, for direct consumption or for cosmetics. Both varieties have been awarded by the DLG and are BIO-certified by Ecocert (DE-ÖKO-005).

  As a cosmetic line, we offer you Arganaturel ®, a natural cosmetic series based on argan oil without preservatives and without animal testing. Arganaturel ® products contain only natural ingredients and are suitable for the care of face, hair and body.

Our awards and prizes

Well-known organizations regularly confirm the quality of our oils with renowned awards.

  • " Great Taste Award" 3 Stars Gold von »The Guild of Fine Food« in London
  • Medal of Excellence from the AVPA in Paris at the International Agricultural Fair (Salon de l'Agriculture)
  • Gourmet Award from the AVPA
  • Monde Selection Quality Gold Medal
  • 3 gold medals from the DLG
  • Silver medal from the DLG
  • Superior Taste Award vom ITQI - International Taste & Quality Institute" in Belgien

Mogador Argan Oil : Production

Mogador insists on using the expensive, traditionally sourced, high-quality argan seeds from the organic regions, and eschews the fermented cheap argan nuts to produce their argan oil.

Our organic argan oil is manufactured according to western standards. The production takes place with the help of modern technology. The pressing is slow. The oil is cold-pressed drop by drop from the argan seeds. This protects the ingredients and creates a natural argan oil with a shelf life of 24 months.