International awards

International organizations have recognized Mogador's argan oil. The know-how in the production of high-quality natural products and the experience of the Berber women in the Arganeraie enable Mogador to offer premium, high-quality, 100% ORGANIC argan oil of a quality that food production professionals, as well as star chefs and highly qualified experts in various countries are very proud of impressed.


-In Paris: »Medal of Excellence« der AVPA in Paris (Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products), Agentur zur Aufwertung der Agrarprodukte.

-In London: 3 Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards from The Guild of Fine Food in London. 

-In Frankfurt: DLG award at Biofach in Nuremberg. From the German Agricultural Society.

-In Venice : from »Monde Selection« at the »Selection & Quality Awards« from Brussels.

-In Brussel: Superior Taste Award des »ITQI« (International Taste & Quality Institute).


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